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Since their debut in early 2015, Camera Cult has quickly proven to be a band that is constantly evolving. Initially drawing influences from the likes of Chromeo and Prince, Ricky J. Vasquez and David Gonzalez crafted songs that could easily make any crowd move their feet. This is most exemplified in their first independent double release of "Heart Brakes" and "Don't Hang Out" (2016). But before those singles were even released, Camera Cult had already changed their vibe and aesthetic with electro synth pop compositions inspired by Neon Indian, The 1975, and The Weeknd. Gonzalez's tight, upbeat drum patterns, layered with soft synthesizers, and Vasquez's dynamic yet untraditional vocal, tell stories of failed relationships, and fighting loneliness with bouncy, uptempo songs.

The best way to experience the bands energy is through their live performance. Accompanied by a live drummer, Camera Cult fills the entire room with a spectrum of colorful sounds that you wouldn't expect from three musicians. Showcasing their versatility from song to song, the band can't help but move to their own music which sets the mood for the audience; then ignites the dance party.

Camera Cult is set to release a new single "Vice Grips" due early 2017 followed by an EP later in the year.