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Chicano Batman is a four-piece American band from Los Angeles, CA. Their sound draws from a broad spectrum of influences ranging from spacey psychedelia, Tropicalia, to slow-jam soul. In homage to their favorite classic soul groups, the quartet uniforms their act in tailored suits with ruffled-tuxedo shirts from a thrift store near you.

Chicano Batman is a musically adventurous and opinionated group, who feeds off of community and afro-centricity on a mission to bring the overlooked to the forefront.

"Like Thee Midniters, Os Mutantes, and Love. Chicano Batman can take from any kind of music and make it completely and soulfully their own. If there's a better superpower for a band to have, I can't think of it." - LA Weekly

"Alternating between psychedelic rancheros, turbo-charged cumbias and Blaxploitation-meets - Sir Douglas Quintet soul fusions, a Chicano Batman show has more changes than James Brown had sequined capes." - Wax Poetics

"Chicano Batman is the sound of local Latino music in the 21st century." - KCET

"...the band took the Voodoo Fest crowd on a magical mystery tour of wah-wah funk, Latin percussion and squeedly, spacey effects-laden organ that felt like a pleasure cruise to the outer limits." - The Times Picayune