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Once upon a time, a music project I work on, children of pop, opened for a buzz band, Hundred Waters. It was a polarizing experience for me. Hundred Waters was 100% perfect. The two light installations + the $30k mixing board they brought in ++ the 2 engineers operate them +++ about 1k macbook pros littering the stage ... SO MUCH and it reallllllly bummed me out. Okay sure. Sound = good. Look = good. Show = money's worth. But is that all I am?! As an audience member... a simple-celled-sponge that frequents from one loud / pristine productions to the next in an efforts to distract me from the true enigmas in life?! As an artist? ... A walking talking tech company backed by anon / vocal investors?! Only to do my rehearsed tricks like a well trained pet while promote some capitalist ideal?! NO!!!! I want to feel something. Something new. Every time. No retread of feelings! And especially no rehearsed feelings... I want... All of it! Right now! All the time! ... That's me though. Nothing against Hundred Waters the band / people or any productions like it. They win. Every time. Doing exactly what they set out to do. Much respect. It's just not for me. So, when I woke up that next day, all bummy, wanting to smash a computer, quit music, and get a real job. UUUUUUHUHHH .... But I was too lazy to do all that lol so I picked up a guitar. GET A LIFE was born; children of pop died. Now GET A LIFE is way too rad. Yuuki Mathews from The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, David Bazaan... is producing / mixing the album (Fall 2016) and the live band consists of Gabriel Lopez, Marshall Graves, Ryan Chavez and Chase DeMaster. And we have never rehearsed! Ever!!!