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Sun 6/04



A lot can change in two years, and for a band selling out shows in places they'd never been two years ago, a lot certainly has changed. What hasn't changed for Rüfüs Du Sol is a unique approach to their song writing that has seen them gather an ever-increasing swath of fans all over the world. Two years after their platinum-selling debut album, Rüfüs Du Sol return with their follow-up record, BLOOM, and as the title would suggest, the band has blossomed into the tour-de-force that ATLAS hinted at.

Five months on from release of BLOOM it's certain that Rüfüs Du Sol have broken the shackles of 2nd album syndrome. The album is certified Gold in Australia, the first single You Were Right, is already certified Platinum and won the ARIA award for Best Dance Release. While the band have just completed their Sold Out Bloom World Tour, playing over 100 shows in 13 countries, including standout performances at Coachella and Red Rocks. The fan favourite from the record is Innerbloom, at 9 minutes 38 seconds, is an ode to everything the band loves about dance music and everything BLOOM means to them, Tyrone explains;

"For us personally, we were each drawn to electronic music because of the euphoric nature of it. At its core, it brings people together to dance of course. I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this, but our favorite artists are our favorite because we've shared moments listening to them with friends or family that you can't recreate. Moments that you remember forever. We really wanted to create those moments for other people with the songs from BLOOM. Innerbloom is probably the most personal song we've ever written in terms of where we are at as people. Hopefully, it can create for other people, some of the moments we've shared with each other and friends listening to our favourite songs..."